*NOTICE* It has been reported to X-Coin.info


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*NOTICE* It has been reported to X-Coin.info that “SIRULTRA” had websites built that misleads X-COIN – XCO users.


The following 2 websites should be considered as possible scam sites using X-COIN’s recognition to receive donation money:


confirmed https://x-coins.io/ – and unconfirmed https://xcoins.io/


*PLEASE NOTE*  SINCE 2017, X-COIN and X-COIN.info HAS NO AFFILIATION TO: Jeff Smeltztkopf, aka ULTRA1, aka SIRULTRA, aka Jay Soundz.


*PLEASE NOTE*  Inga Bemman aka “r0otChiXor” is not the dev of X-COIN and has never worked on, with, or for X-Coin.


Any X-COIN – XCO affiliation claims made by these 2 people are completely false information being used to mislead users. 






A) “The World’s First GDPR-Friendly Smart Contract Blockchain Ecosystem”


B) “A programmable and scalable blockchain 3.0-based architecture for building multi-layered smart contracts”


C) “Build Zero Knowledge Encrypted Smart Contracts For Every User On Every Platform”


D) “A Cloud-Hosted, Multi-Chain, Secure Light Wallet for 100+ Altcoins.”


E) “A decentralized, crowdsourced Uber-like rating mechanism for establishing commercial confidence between users”


F) “Blockchain Identity Management made simple with XCO Thumb Protocol”


G) “The first platform to offer a regulatory-friendly and legally-compliant ICO launching system”  <— (That is a very crazy claim, that’s actually an insane claim. It’s completely false information on any platform or crypto. Seriously, I can’t believe they said “legally compliant ICO launching system”. I believe the SEC will have a field day of charges with that claim.)


These are just some of the lies perpetrated by these two people mentioned above. Unfortunately we felt we needed to make everyone aware so they’re not tricked by these people. For example this is where Ultra1 claims r0otChiXor made X-Coin smart contracts https://github.com/BinaryOmen/XCoin-SmartContract-Samples    –  as you can see it’s empty. This empty file was presented as evidence to us of their claims.  Further inspection told us even more. At one point “SIRULTRA” tells people to “Buy X-coin before the fork, and Lambo’s will come soon”.  This is terrible advice and it should not be said in the name of X-COIN – XCO, it certainly didn’t come from here. Further inspection of this github account showed nothing but coping of X-Coin’s code to a new github and nothing more than readme file updates. Changing readme files doesn’t create a smart contract platform. Nothing that these two have promised will ever come to be and just a little research proves that.


We at x-coin.info, the original home of X-COIN – XCO do not believe any of their claims, and we haven’t found one shred of truth to their claims. “r0otChiXor” became involved with Bitcoin and Ethereum in late 2017, her very first public post on anything about crypto can be found on twitter right here and also on facebook right here. You don’t find any mention of anything crypto currency prior to Mid September of 2017, yet these two now claim “r0otChiXor” has “Several Years of Blockchain Development Experience”. How is that possible to have years of blockchain experience when she didn’t know what crypto was prior to September of 2017???  She hasn’t been in crypto for a single year yet. We found on facebook where she claimed that X-COIN was “her new coin”. We found on twitter that she claimed to have “designed a crypto retail system that will blow your f’n mind.” Truth is, we can’t find a single thing she has actually developed. We tested and verified that the wallets they claimed are new XCO wallets, are still in fact our old original windows and linux clients that are found on x-coin.info . They literally showed us are own stuff and claimed it to be their new stuff. To explain the level of laziness here, they used our original Mega download links on their “Website” claiming a new wallet was made.. Seriously, it’s the same download link from x-coin.info – Furthermore their roadmap uses original X-COIN – XCO information along with claims littered in false information including a platform using XCO, and then a gas coin called soda. We consider all of this to be misleading to users and extremely scammy, and very unethical. “r0otChiXor” is clearly not a developer of anything Blockchain related. Giving money to these two people will simply not be used for X-COIN’s Team.


Exchanges, CoinMarketCap.com, and explorers, will NOT be making any changes to X-COIN – XCO wallets and code unless it comes directly from our team right here. As with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, “forking off” X-COIN – XCO will only create a seperate currency and will not affect the original X-COIN – XCO which is over 3 years old. If we thought this was the case, we would be fine with their claims, however we at x-coin.info know who these people are, and we know they aren’t capable of this. Basically none of this notice was even necessary. However when they started taking donation money claiming to be the X-COIN – XCO development team, something had to be done. Everything they did was done in an attempt to steal 250k from X-COIN – XCO users. Legal actions are being taken as well. Scammers are everywhere in crypto now, users need to be very aware.WE AT X-COIN.INFO CERTAINLY DO NOT NEED YOUR MONEY TO DEVELOP X-COIN – XCO INTO SOMETHING ELSE. DO NOT GET TRICKED INTO GIVING YOUR MONEY OR BITCOIN TO THE TWO PEOPLE MENTIONED HERE WITH THE IDEA OR ASSUMPTION THAT THE MONEY IS GOING TOWARDS THE X-COIN – XCO TEAM FOR DEVELOPMENT! IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT GOING TO OUR TEAM.


Here is what X-COIN – XCO actually is: 

X-COIN – XCO is an original and very simple Proof of Stake coin that has worked perfectly for three years and no changes are needed, no official fork is coming to X-COIN – XCO.


Here is what’s really coming:

New clients will get released here by the end of summer 2018. They will overwrite your current client and provide new nodes preloaded so a config file isn’t needed anymore. Nothing else will change except the version # and the help file will give more information on staking.


Thank you to everyone who has supported X-COIN – XCO over the years, all suggestions can be sent to admin@x-coin.info



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