X-Coin – A Next Level Crypto Currency Payment System

X-Coin info:

Newest News

  • XCO privacy Hard Fork slated for Summer 2018 has been delayed.
  • Developers fund is currently $250,000 / Received thus far: $2751 balance:$247,249 remaining to be collected for improvement of the next generation of Xcoin protocol.
  • Overview of fork; NEO smart contracts, with end-to-end encryption accessible by using proper authorized blockchain identification and verification credentials.

  • Exchange Cryptopia XCO-BTC
  • Ticker: XCO
  • Release Date: February 27, 2015
  • Release Location: Bitcointalk.org 
  • Release Type: Public, Zero Premine, No IPO, No ICO offerings
  • Released as Sha256d POW at block 1
  • Changed to POS on March 15th, 2015 at block 30001
  • New Block Time: Instant, every transaction creates a new block.
  • Minimum transaction fee: 0.01 XCO – TX Fees are paid to staking blocks.
  • Transactions require 10 confirmations to mature
  • P2P port: 14641
  • RPC port: 14642


X-Coin POS Stage Specs:

  • Minimum staking amount: 1000 XCO
  • Minimum Time to begin Stake: 8 Hours
  • Maximum Time to end of Stake: 24 Hours
  • Staking Rewards: Amount Range from .01 to 50 XCO based on staked amount
  • Max Mined: 50.00 XCO based on optimal block size of: 12500.01 XCO or higher
  • Staked Blocks Maturity Rate: 110 Confirmations to mature
  • Decreasing Inflation Rate: 90% inflation year one, Then will decrease 12.5% each year (Example 77.5% year two, 65% year three, 52.5 % year four)


X-Coin POW Stage Specs:

*Please note X-Coin is no longer in POW Stage

  • Algo type: Sha256
  • POW Stage: Block 0 until Block 30000
  • POW Block Reward Amount: 500 XCO
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Difficulty Retarget: Every Block
  • Transaction fees paid to miners


X-Coin Hardfork:

*Please note X-Coin | XCO privacy Hard Fork slated for Summer 2018.

  • If you have XCO in wallet before fork occurs, you will receive 1:1 ratio of new Xcoins.
  • As long as you hold private keys to your wallet.dat you can import the keys or load wallet.dat.
  • Not responsible for exchanges to credit your XCO balances if stored on Exchanges such as Cryptopia Trade XCO-BTC before fork occurs.
  • This project remains 100% open source, and community driven.


Xcoin | XCO Wallet manager true Microsoft engineering, set to support 100 top alts.

Biggest fixes for massive crypto adoption.
Also overcomes the bad plagues in the crypto space of getting hacked.
Privacy and Identity security, let’s fix this once and for all.
With new wallet manager you can on the fly accept any of the top 100 alts.


All other “XCO” and or xcoin projects are not us..

If you have the real old school XCO before then you will have new Xcoin after the bridge is engaged @fork coding from scratch. Our lead dev is on many crypto teams.

Newest source in progress https://github.com/The-XCoin-Project



Official release has X-coin and 100 top alts.






Total overhaul gracelessly engineered by rOot.

LeadDev https://github.com/The-XCoin-Project

new XCO will stake about 5% APR


Join us on telegram or discord voice https://discord.gg/MThyEqQ

Update as of 5.8.18 latest version of XCoin CLI, by r0otChixor

no more news at this time.


See our donation page for more ways to contribute.