X-Coin Wallets Update/Hard Fork

A hard fork occurred on X-Coin at Block 34000. New wallets were released and the X-Coin wallet section of this website have been updated.

If your X-Coin wallet is currently in sync (Green check in lower right corner), then you already have the new wallet running and you can disregard this entire message.

Old wallets will no longer sync to the current block, and previous holders of X-Coin holders must install the new wallets. If you are running the old wallet then please read these directions on how to save your wallet.dat file and how to install the new X-Coin wallets.

Step One: Before installing the new X-Coin wallet, please make a couple copies of your existing “wallet.dat” file . The “wallet.dat” file is located in the Xcoin folder located this should be in the AppData\Roaming folders,  example: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Xcoin   (Note the wallet.dat file is the only file you need to save – do not rename the file just save it somewhere else and make a few copies of it)

Step Two: Shut down X-Coin’s wallet after performing.

Step Three: Download the new X-Coin wallet located below.

Step Four: Run the wallet and allow it to go thro any firewalls if alerted.  Allow a few minutes for it to work, everything should work automatically. Also allow time to download the block chain and sync.

At this point you should be done, however, if your coins are missing, or your balance in now zero, you will need to follow Steps Five and possibly Step Six.

Step Five: Close X-Coin wallet, take your original saved “wallet.dat” file and overwrite the one in the AppData\Roaming folders. Restart the wallet.

Step Six: If it doesn’t work automatically in a few minutes, then you will need to delete your block chain and files in the XCoin Folder and reapply Steps 1-5.


We have already updated the wallet section with the new wallets.

The reason for this hardfork was the final changes to X-Coin inflation and staking percentages.

Here are the details of that change:

  • Interest rate increase to 90% instead with a decline by 12.5% per year.
  • Max reward is raised to 50 coins.